Shannon Lush is a fine arts restorer who can fix anything from an expensive antiquity to a favourite aunt’s vase. She’s a keen collector of handy household hints, a lifelong passion. Shannon is a regular guest on radio, newspapers and television across Australia and New Zealand, helping listeners with all manner of domestic disasters. She’s never been stumped.

Jennifer Fleming is a writer and broadcaster at ABC Radio. While producing James Valentine’s Afternoon show on 702 ABC Sydney, Shannon rang the show as a talkback caller with advice on spills and stains. Jennifer was so impressed with Shannon’s knowledge she approached her with the idea of writing a book.

Shannon and Jen have written several books together including: Spotless, Spotless 2, Speedcleaning, How to be Comfy, Save: your time, your money, your planet, Completely Spotless and Household Wisdom. Their latest book is called Spotless A-Z.

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