How to Clean the BBQ

A clean BBQ is a good BBQ, and it’s not difficult to achieve. Here’s your step-by-step guide.

STEP 1:  Heat the barbecue for a few minutes.

STEP 2: Turn the heat to low and use a scraper to remove food residue.

STEP 3: Stand clear of the hotplates and spray with white vinegar. WARNING: White vinegar is flammable so be careful when
spraying it on hot surfaces.

STEP 4: When the hotplates are cool, wipe with paper towel.

STEP 5: If stains are very stubborn, sprinkle equal parts sugar and white vinegar over a heated hotplate until the vinegar evaporates. It will look like toffee. Remove the toffeed sugar with a scraper.

STEP 6: For all levels of staining, when clean, wipe the hotplates in cooking oil and heat until they fume to season and
prevent rust.

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Jen FlemingHow to Clean the BBQ

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