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Paul FlemingSpotless A-Z

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  1. Ferdinandi

    I have cream leather couch , and I have black stain on the leather from my track suit pants and top … What do I use for, get rid the stain. Thanks

    1. Jen Fleming

      Spotless A-Z, p. 284. Wipe over the mark with white spirits on a cotton bud or cotton ball. Sprinkle evenly with talcum powder. When dry, wipe with a soft brush. Wipe with leather conditioner.

  2. Colleen Greco

    I have pink Lycra costumes, withildew in places, how do I spot clean them. And also I have white Lycra Leo’s that are yellowed, how do I spot clean them?

    1. Jen Fleming

      Hi Colleen. When you write ‘costumes’, do you mean swimming costumes with mildew? In relation to the yellowed leotards, see Spotless A-Z, p. 405. Dip in methylated spirits and wring tightly. Wash according to the fabric, and dry in sunshine. If stubborn, mix 2 teaspoons of 3 per cent hydrogen peroxide in a 9-litre bucket of body temperature water. Immerse the item, put a dinner plate on top to keep it fully in the solution. Leave for 6 hours. Remove and wash according to the fabric.

    1. Jen Fleming

      If the stain is fresh, blot with or soak in white vinegar. If the stain is old, wipe with 2 drops of glycerine and leave for 90 minutes. Then blot with or soak in white vinegar. In both cases, wash according to the fabric. Dry on the clothesline or clothes airer. You can buy Spotless A-Z here.

    1. Jen Fleming

      The answer is in Spotless A-Z, p. 300. Remove excess under the tap using cold water. Massage with a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid on your fingertips until the liquid feels like jelly. Rinse in cold water. Blot with or soak in white vinegar until the stain is removed. Wash according to the fabric. Dry in sunshine. To buy Spotless A-Z, click here.

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