Spotless A-Z Now Available

We’re excited to announce our latest book, Spotless A-Z,  is now available.

Spotless A-Z Cover

It tackles stain removal alphabetically, and features 20% stains not covered in previous books.

From pesto to pomegranate, fake tan to faux fur, hoison sauce to hummus – discover how to remove almost every stain imaginable.

The book is a whopping 416 pages, and priced at A$19.99. You can buy it from the ABC Shop here.



Jen FlemingSpotless A-Z Now Available

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      Jen Fleming

      Spotless A-Z, p. 284. Wipe over the mark with white spirits on a cotton bud. Sprinkle evenly with talcum powder. When dry, wipe with a soft brush. Wipe with leather conditioner.

  1. vicki long

    i have a carpet that my dog did a wee on a long time ago and it has a dark stain on it. how can I get the stain out. the stain is about 15 year old

    1. Post
      Jen Fleming

      Dog urine is removed with white vinegar. Using an old toothbrush, scrub into the stain with white vinegar but don’t get moisture on the back of the carpet. Lightly sprinkle with bicarb, allow to dry, and vacuum. Because the stain is so old, you may need to repeat. You can buy Spotless A-Z here.

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