Top Cleaning Tips

• Don’t store brooms with the bristles sitting on the ground because they will flatten and get out of shape. Store them upside down.

• If paper becomes stuck to a surface, remove it with a little sweet almond oil or any other soft oil. Then wipe over it with rolled up pantyhose.

Old pantyhose

• Avoid the stale smell in suitcases by keeping a tea bag inside.

• To remove rust marks on plastic, use a paste of glycerine and talcum powder and polish it off.

• To ripen any soft fruits, put them in a paper bag with a banana and leave in the cupboard. Bananas give off ripening chemicals.


• If you drop glass on the ground, make sure you’ve collected all the shards by lying a lit torch along the floor so the beam runs across the floor. Any remaining shards will sparkle in the light. Make sure you wear shoes when clearing glass.

• Add a little lemon juice to your washing rinse water to whiten clothes.

• Don’t go overboard with insecticide spray and be careful where you spray. Avoid heat and flames or you’ll create a flame thrower!

• To get the last bit out of a spray bottle, place a length of plastic straw along the end of the suction tube.

• Cornflour is a great cutting agent. It’s great for removing built up grime, but because it is a cutting agent, be careful on delicate surfaces.

• Remove grease stains from books by wiping with white bread with the crusts cut off. Or place blotting paper either side of the mark and apply a warm iron.

• To find the edge of sticky tape, put talcum powder on your finger and run it around the sticky tape. The edge will go white.

• Brighten fingernails by wiping with glycerine and talcum powder.

• Remove water spots on metal frames on shower doors with cold black tea.

• If your curtains aren’t sitting well, put some lead weights or coins along the bottom. If the curtains don’t close well, place small magnets on each side of the curtain to help them close.

Jen FlemingTop Cleaning Tips

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  1. Jenet Emin

    Hi there just wondering how to remove red icy pole stains from cream coloured curtains (upholstery). Really worried. Thanks in advance.

    1. Post
      Jen Fleming

      The solution is in Spotless A-Z. If the curtains can be removed, soak in white vinegar, then hang in sunshine. The sun will fade the stain. If the curtains can’t be removed, place white vinegar on a cloth and wring tightly so it’s damp but not wet. Blot over the mark. Expose to sunlight or ultraviolet light. (If using ultraviolet light, protect areas around the stain with cardboard.) Check every 2 hours. You can buy Spotless A-Z here. It can be shipped anywhere in the world.

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